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Once a tooth has been lost to severe dental trauma or an untreated cavity, it’s important to have it restored or replaced as soon as possible. Without timely dental restoration the structural void in your mouth could gradually start to affect the alignment of the nearby teeth. In time this could cause progressively worsening complications with the related teeth in your bite pattern.

Before this can occur you should consider scheduling a dental restoration consult with a dentist like Dr. Kerry Olszewski. After an initial assessment she can help you understand your dental restoration options.

If you’re not comfortable with the oral surgery and expanded time frame needed to replace the tooth with a dental implant, she might recommend a dental bridge restoration.

This piece of dental work includes a pair of dental crowns that will be fully fused to a replicate tooth in between. It will eventually be anchored in your mouth on abutments prepared from the core of the two teeth that neighbor the void.

Once your dental bridge has been created in a professional dental lab, you will need to return to Mill Creek General Dentistry to have it installed with a special dental adhesive.

If you live in the Mill Creek, Washington, area and have lost a tooth, you should call 425-337-5549 to explore the dental restoration options offered by Dr. Kerry Olszewski and her associates.