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In many cases in which your teeth are damaged, you will probably know it right away. You may feel pain, there may be blood and pieces of your broken tooth. But what about the damage that isn’t so obvious? It is possible that you may have a cracked tooth and not even know it.

Often, a crack in your tooth may go undetected during a routine dental exam, and it might be so small that it doesn’t even appear on a dental x-ray. But no matter how small a crack may be, any crack in your tooth can allow bacteria to enter your tooth and create an infection. For that reason, a cracked tooth needs to be addressed.

But if a crack is too small to see, how will you know if you have one? Pain is the primary indicator of a cracked tooth. It may be a sharp pain or a dull pain, but it will be very brief and will usually occur when you are biting or chewing, or if your tooth is exposed to heat, cold or something sweet. You should make a note of what you were doing when you felt the pain, including what you were eating or drinking, and where in your mouth you felt the pain. That will give your dentist a place to start when she is looking for the problem. Depending on the severity of the problem, your dentist may be able to treat your tooth with a crown, inlay or onlay. If your tooth’s pulp has become infected, you may require a root canal.

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