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IV sedation is a great tool that can help your child have a comfortable and relaxing dental appointment. It’s also very safe. If your child gets IV sedation for one of their appointments, there are a few things you should do after the appointment to make sure your child recovers properly.

The first thing you should do is keep an eye out for any red flags. These could be heavy bleeding, severe pain, a fever, or chills. If these symptoms last more than 24 hours, it’s important to contact your dentist, Dr. Kerry Olszewski. Another red flag is vomiting. Some patients vomit in the car on the way home while others vomit when they’re at home. This is something you shouldn’t be worried about. However, it’s important to call your dentist if the nausea lasts longer than 40 minutes.

The second thing you should do is address your child’s pain and swelling. You can do so by giving them the pain medication the dentist prescribed to them (if they don’t have medication, over-the-counter pain medication can help) and by icing outside the treated area with a cold compress.

The third thing you should do is keep your child hydrated. Make sure your child drinks plenty of liquids while they are resting the day of and after their procedure. It’s also best to only give them soft foods. If they had a tooth extracted, they should not use a straw.

If you have any questions about how to care for your child after they have had IV sedation in Mill Creek, Washington, please remember that our dental team at Mill Creek General Dentistry is happy to give you the answers you’re looking for. We look forward to helping you!