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Are you aware of all the benefits that a dental bonding procedure can provide? Through dental bonding treatments, cosmetic alternatives to dental amalgams exist to ensure that resin composites are placed on teeth to cover up any decay and cavities that may be present. Furthermore, dental bonding can be used in several instances when dental damage has occurred.

Because dental bonding treatments are tooth-colored in appearance, they are extremely popular for situations when you wish to enhance your smile. If you have any teeth that are discolored or stained to the point that teeth whiteners cannot effectively get the job done, dental bonding treatments are helpful. Dental bonding treatments work by applying materials directly to the surfaces of a tooth. Typically, these materials are made of resin and porcelain to ensure durability for the bond so that it will last up to ten years.

If you have any issues with teeth including a desire to reshape them or fill in gaps between teeth, dental bonding treatments are recommended. Furthermore, if you have any chipped or cracked teeth or are suffering from extensive gum recession, visit your dentist for an examination to determine if dental bonding is right for you.

If you require further treatment with dental bonding procedures, Dr. Kerry Olszewski and our team will help you with your oral health care. If you would like to book an appointment with Mill Creek General Dentistry at our dental office in Mill Creek, Washington, please call us at 425-337-5549.