Endodontic Therapy 101

When many people hear they need to restore their teeth with endodontic therapy, they oftentimes cringe. However, this is often the case because they’re not sure what the treatment entails. If you’re one of these people, Dr. Kerry Olszewski and our dental team would like to give you some information... Read more »

A Crown Might Be Needed to Repair a Dental Fracture

Dental fractures can be caused in several different ways. They are more likely to occur for people who grind their teeth at night, use their teeth as tools, or who have a bad habit of nibbling on objects. When a chip occurs, you are likely to feel heightened sensitivity in... Read more »

Restoring Beautiful Smiles through Cosmetic Dentistry

Though cosmetic dentistry is used in many cases to restore the aesthetics of a patient’s smile, it blends with other forms of dentistry designed to repair teeth that have cracked, fractured, broken, or chipped. This type of dentistry can also be used to replace teeth that have had to be... Read more »

The Many Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry features many benefits and styles to fix, repair, or replace nearly any abnormality or oral health ailment you may have. Because there are so many types of treatments, your exact desires can be implemented to give you the look you have been waiting for. Let the benefits of... Read more »

Bridging the Gap in Your Teeth

Did you lose a tooth? Are you just a little bit too old for the tooth fairy to come? Call on Mill Creek General Dentistry in Mill Creek, Washington instead. Dr. Kerry Olszewski can literally bridge the gap in your adult smile. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers... Read more »

What You Should Know About Your Teeth and Aging

Did you know that there are a few things you should do if you’d like to protect your oral health. For instance, you’ll need to brush your teeth every day and visit our team twice a year. Still, as you get older, there are several things to do to keep... Read more »

Whitening Toothpaste Can Prevent New Stains from Penetrating Tooth Enamel

A smile that has been yellowed by dark foods and beverages or tobacco use can leave you feeling socially awkward. While these stains can effectively be removed by a dental bleaching treatment at Mill Creek General Dentistry, you will still need to take measures to prevent future stains. One simple... Read more »

Superstar Smiles Made Possible by Dental Veneers

Have you even wanted a smile that could stand tooth-to-tooth with the greatest smiles in all the land? Have you looked for a way to battle against discoloration and oral imperfections with a treatment option sure to please? Luckily, it doesn’t have to be a fantasy any longer, as there... Read more »

Timeline for Your Child’s Primary Teeth

You know that your child’s primary teeth need to erupt and, in time, fall out, but do you know when it should happen? Every child is slightly different, but there are a few things you should expect—especially when it comes to their primary teeth eruption and falling out. Did you... Read more »

Dental Anxiety: The Facts

Did you know that about 40 million Americans suffer from dental anxiety? Sadly, this anxiety can make some people hesitant to visit the dentist. However, avoiding the dentist can be detrimental to your oral health, especially over time. Fortunately, there are a few things you could do to overcome this... Read more »