Professional Teeth Bleaching Procedures

Your smile says a lot about you. But many people struggle with stains on their teeth. A stained smile can leave you feeling self-conscious and wanting to explore your whitening options. Fortunately, the dental professionals at Mill Creek General Dentistry are highly trained with years of experience helping people meet... Read more »

Toothache Is Often a Serious Warning Sign

A sharp pain in one or two of your teeth or a deep ache in your gums is most commonly called a toothache. A toothache pain is almost always a serious warning sign that demands immediate attention. If the toothache is related to a recent trauma like a blow to... Read more »

The Best Oral Hygiene Techniques to Use Regularly

Oral hygiene in Mill Creek, Washington, is extremely important, especially if you want to have a strong, healthy, and beautiful smile. However, it’s only effective if you have the right techniques included in your daily routine. To help you have the best oral hygiene routine possible, our Mill Creek General... Read more »

Indirect Filling Basics

Although nobody ever wants to, most people will need some kind of filling in their lifetime. And just as there is a variety of conditions and circumstances that might necessitate a filling, there are various types of fillings. One that we offer at Mill Creek General Dentistry is known generally... Read more »

Oral Health Tips for Men

Did you know that men are less likely than women to seek preventive dental care and take great care of their smiles? Well, it’s true, according to the American Dental Association. This is why it’s extremely important for men to change their ways and finally make their teeth and gums... Read more »

Dealing with a Loose or Damaged Bridge

Your bridge is designed to be durable and last for many years. Still things like advanced gum disease, a hard fall or a blow to the face, can pose a threat to your bridge. A loose or damaged bridge demands attention before a more serious problem develops. If one or... Read more »

Brighten Your Smile with Healthy Gums

To brighten your smile with healthy teeth and gums you will need to pay daily attention to your oral hygiene regimen. Caring for your oral health is just as important as daily exercise and a healthy diet. Removing oral bacteria prevents gum inflammation from plaque build-up. Plaque, that sticky film... Read more »

Restoring a Lost Tooth with a Dental Implant

Dental implants have been used for over twenty years to replace an single tooth that was lost due to fracture or severe tooth decay. The first step in the dental implant process involves a periodontist or oral surgeon examining your mouth and taking a few X-rays. This will help them... Read more »

What to Do If You Have Persistent Bad Breath

Has anyone you love ever complained about your breath? Are you self-conscious because your breath is less than fresh? If you struggle with bad breath, it can be caused by something as simple as the food you eat and something a little trickier like the medications you take. Read on... Read more »

Why is Your Mouth Burning?

Do you know what dry mouth syndrome is? As the name implies, burning mouth syndrome is a condition that causes discomfort in your mouth. Patients with dry mouth syndrome could have to deal with discomfort in the morning, all day, or sporadic pain throughout the day. Burning mouth syndrome—also known... Read more »