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Though cosmetic dentistry is used in many cases to restore the aesthetics of a patient’s smile, it blends with other forms of dentistry designed to repair teeth that have cracked, fractured, broken, or chipped. This type of dentistry can also be used to replace teeth that have had to be extracted due to tooth decay. Cosmetic dentistry also allows customization of restored teeth in the areas of height, color, shape, and feel.

Here is a list of cosmetic dental treatments and their applications:

Dental crowns: In this treatment, caps are used on top of cracked teeth to repair the damage and also to prevent further damage in the future.
Veneers: In this treatment, extremely strong shells are shaped and cut to your needs to hide imperfections before they are fused onto the fronts of your teeth.
Dental Implants: This is a tooth replacement service used to replace lost teeth by placing artificial look-alikes directly into your jawbone for a permanent fit.
Teeth Whitening Treatments: This is a treatment that is used to whiten your teeth and enhance your smile.

If you are looking to restore your oral health or simply brighten your smile, you have many options to choose from. If you are interested in having a cosmetic dental treatment in Mill Creek, Washington, please call Mill Creek General Dentistry today at 425-337-5549 to schedule an appointment with your dentist, Dr. Kerry Olszewski.