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An oral cancer screening is extremely beneficial because it makes it possible to identify oral cancer in the early stages of development, increasing your chances of curing the disease.

What is involved in the screening?
Your dentist or doctor will perform the screening during your routine visit to Mill Creek General Dentistry. It is a simple examination that involves your dentist looking for signs of cancer or precancerous conditions in your mouth. Your dentist will simply check the inside of your mouth and throat for red or white patches or oral sores. Your dentist will also feel the tissues in your oral cavity to check for any oral cancer signs, such as lumps or other abnormalities. If you wear dentures, you will need to take the appliance out of your mouth so the tissues underneath the appliance can be examined.

What if a sore is found?
If a sore is found in your mouth, your dentist may want to perform additional tests. An oral exam alone will not be able to tell if the sore is cancerous or not. The best way to completely test the sore is to remove some of the cells and test them for cancer, which is called a biopsy.

Who could benefit from an oral cancer screening?
Generally, people who use tobacco products, have heavy alcohol consumption, have a history of sun exposure, or have had previous oral cancer diagnosis are at high risk of having oral cancer. These people should receive an oral cancer screening each time they come into our office for a checkup.

To learn more about an oral cancer screening in Mill Creek, Washington, please feel free to call 425-337-5549 today and schedule an appointment with Dr. Kerry Olszewski. We are more than happy to give you the information you need so you can prevent oral cancer as much as possible.