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Your teeth were created to be strong enough to handle most edible foods, but they are not tough enough to handle everything. Here are some dangerous tooth hazards to avoid so you can maintain your strong and beautiful smile:

– Avoid opening food packages or bottles with your mouth. This may slowly wear down your tooth enamel and even crack or chip a tooth.
– Watch the foods you eat. Particularly hard or sticky foods like candy apples or old beef jerky may crack or chip a tooth if not consumed properly.
– Contact sports and activities can put your mouth in contact with trauma, increasing your likelihood of an oral accident. To combat this effect, wear safety gear.
– You can damage your teeth and not even know it. Chewing on inedible objects such as pens or biting your nails can result in microscopic damage to your teeth or even minor malocclusions that knock your teeth out of position.
– If you wear mouth jewelry, you’ll want to be careful of the hazards they can create, including the risk of choking or cracking and chipping teeth.

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