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Can teeth with toothaches be repaired and saved? The answer is yes, but on many occasions, individuals who do not receive regular checkups and examinations to determine if toothaches may be present or if your teeth are at a greater risk for tooth loss or a potential tooth extraction. If you begin to feel pain in a tooth, search for symptoms and schedule a visit to our office.

The basics of toothaches include the following:

– Blunt trauma to your teeth is likely to damage your pulp and your nerve endings, giving way to toothaches.
– Are you currently suffering from any unexplained facial rashes?
– Unexplained high fevers or chills can be the result of a toothache.
– Look for symptoms of facial swelling or abscesses.
– Severe pain in a tooth is felt 24 hours later even after taking pain relievers.
– Toothaches frequently arise if your TMJ’s are damaged.
– Sometimes a toothache can be the result of wisdom teeth erupting above the gum line.
– Examine your teeth for signs of discharge or pus formation around a tooth.

Make sure to take good care of your teeth, so they can last a lifetime. For more information about toothaches, or to schedule an oral exam with Dr. Kerry Olszewski and our team at Mill Creek General Dentistry, give us a call at 425-337-5549. Our dentist office is conveniently located in Mill Creek, Washington. Let us help you with all of your oral health care needs!