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So you just had a successful teeth cleaning experience and discovered that you have a cavity or two that need to be filled. How do you decide what kind of filling to use? Since you and your filling will be spending lots of time together, you will want to make a decision that will make your budget and your mouth happiest.

One of the most popular fillings these days are composite resins. Made from glass, quartz and plastic, they are white and blend right in with your natural teeth. They are strong and don’t crack easily, which allows you to keep eating your favorite foods without damaging them.

Another common choice is amalgam fillings. These are made from various metals including silver and copper, and mercury. They are stronger than the composite resins, but they are more visible as well. The good news is they are more affordable which will keep your budget happy.

Finally, placement of the filling is another factor that may help you decide. You can have amalgam fillings in the back teeth where they are least visible, and where the teeth do the most work of chewing your food. Composite teeth are perfect for the more visible and less used front teeth.

Because your oral health is our highest priority, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact our staff at Millcreek General Dentistry and we will help you find the best tooth restoration choice for you!